Ideal for parking areas, commercial properties, jetties, and residential buildings, Nikkon produce high quality LED street lighting in Malaysia which can instantly illuminate sports fields, facades, and business premises. LED Street light is a simple yet economical and reliable LED lighting solution that delivers substantial energy savings compared with conventional fixtures. The LEDIXON series has been designed to replace conventional outdoor lighting whilst offering maximum energy saving benefits and reduced maintenance costs. These street lamps provide outside spaces with a superior quality of light all year round and are environmentally friendly. With a long lifetime, lower power consumption and low luminous decay, these lights keep the streets well-lit, offering security and safety for pedestrians, employees and homeowners.

LEDIXON LED lighting from Nikkon is more reliable than high-pressure sodium lamps and offers more energy efficiency when compared to incandescent light bulbs of the same luminance. With a high-quality die-cast aluminium finish and durable coating, the LED lights are available in a wide range of styles and designs, various wattages, and different color tones (such as warm white and daylight).


LEDXION S431 Series

17W, 25W, 30W & 25W EA ECO LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S437 Series

60W, 80W & 90W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S439 Series

30W, 40W & 60W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S433 EA Series

75W & 100W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S433 Series

90W, 120W & 150W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S436 EA Series

125W & 150W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S436 Series

150W, 170W & 190W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S419 Series

30W & 40W LED Street Lantern


LEDXION S419 Series

60W & 90W LED Street Lantern